Transform your brand
in one day

A virtual VIP DAY for online biz owners

We'll take 1 day to clarify your brand, create a content strategy, and automate your business so you can scale without all the stress, headaches, and burnout.


You don't have to struggle or wait years to scale 

I know that lately, you've been surviving instead of living and you're hesitant to outsource for help. 

I get it. It's so much noise out there and you don't have any room to make a mistake. 

But I want you to take in what life will feel like after your VIP DAY:

You wake up knowing your business is automated and you're making money while you sleep

You're not worrying about creating content because you're clear on your strategy

You're clear on whom to target, what keywords speak to them, and how to offer your services


You've been going months without any new sells

No one seems interested in buying from you 

You're an online biz owner looking to spend less time on your biz, but still scale to 5-figures

You have a lot of moving parts in your business and you don't know how to manage it all 

You don't know what you're doing wrong or what to do next

You're ready to work with intentional clients that represents what your brand stands for

What we'll work on together


We'll clarify your branding and messaging so you attract your ideal customer


In this section, we'll cover kpi's, growing your Instagram, and create a content strategy


We will then create a system so your business will run on auto. You will no longer have to worry about every moving part 

It's a simple proces...


Applications are required to ensure we are a good fit. You won't pay a deposit until you're approved. 


Our session is about 7 total hours. You'll select a date you're not busy and can dedicate your time & attention


Upon completion your business will be automated & centered around your niche & audience. You'll be prepared for a flow of clients

Transform Your Brand
in one day

What you'll leave with

Clear and Consistent Brand 

After your VIP DAY, you'll leave with a clear and consistent brand message  that will attract your ideal client. We work to hone in on a niche that will target a specific set of clients rather than a little bit of everything

Simplified Social Media Strategy

We'll create a content strategy that will be easy for you to manage, but still able to convert

An Automated & Structured Business 

You have a lot of moving parts in your business; You have to find new customers, manage current cust, market your business, send emails, create content... we can go on and on. After our VIP DAY, you'll leave with a structured workflow and an automated business. I will help you create systems so you don't have to sweat the small stuff

High Traffic Lead Magnet & Nurture Framework

Your mailing list is one of your biggest assets. During our VIP DAY, we'll create a high-ticket lead magnet that will drive in potential clients, and then I'll give you a framework to WOW them at every turn until they convert

But wait, there's more


Resources and templates to scale your business 

Instagram audit and social media strategy

30-Day Email Support

14-Day Post-Session Coaching Call 

OK, are you ready to invest?


or 2 payments of $1,050


Why me and How I'm different 


I have been in the EXACT place you're in right now and I clawed my way out. I'm not a general coach. I'm an actual online biz owner who has walked in your shoes and felt the feelings you're experiencing right now


We live in a time where everyone wants to flex their money and success. I do this for my family and I'm a grounded individual who believes in honesty, integrity, and quality. I make sure my business reflects that as well as my clients. My reputation and impact means everything to me


I have a 6+ year history in creating strategic business plans and ideas. I study and learn my niche. If there is something I don't know, I go out and find the answer. I am sure to give my clients the best knowledge I have to offer.


Each client I work with, I love to stay connected to. I value sisterhood in this space because naturally, entrepreneurship is competitive. You can count on me to be there even after our business concludes

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why is it by application?

I want to make sure that we're a good fit and the solution I offer is what you need. I also like to get everyone a return on their investment after working with me. My breakdown is very clear so if you apply, 9 x out of 10, you'll be accepted.

How long is the VIP DAY?

It's 7 hours. I highly reccommend you clear an entire day for this session.

Will we really spend 7 whole hours together?

Yes and No. We will have several breaks: (2) 30-Minute breaks (1) Hour lunch break In addition, there will be times we'll disconnect so you can complete a task, then we'll hop back on the phone

Can we talk before I commit to anything?

Yes. You'll have to apply to hop on the phone with me for a 30-minute consultation. When you're filling out your application, you'll be given the option to book a free consultation call before moving forward.

I have a product-based business. Can I apply?

Yes. It's suitable for both service providers and product-based businesses.

More Questions?

If you still have questions, I'd like for you to message me on Instagram so we can connect and address any concerns you may have