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Scaling Online Businesses With Less Than 10,000 Followers To 


In my first year of business, I made less than $2k for the ENTIRE year, with less than 500 followers

In my 2nd year of business,
I was able to scale to 5-figures with less than 500 followers

I'm Meishel, Brand Strategist + Coach  I teach online business owners how to scale their online business with less than 10,000 followers on Instagram

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Stop guessing and start using proven strategies to scale

My business didn't truly grow until I realized people buy from people. 

I had already learned the ins and outs of running a business, but I decided to build a strategy of my own to take my brand to the next level. 

With that strategy, I was able to clarify my brand and reach an audience that is ready to spend money with me. 

Now I teach online business owners like you, how to build a profitable brand in half the time and twice the return.

Learn the money-making fundamentals 

take advantage of the strategies used to scale to 5-figures

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Meet your new online business coach

Hey, I'm Meishel!
I'm a Brand Strategist & Business Coach

I teach business owners how to turn their small audience into ready-to-buy customers.

I switched my business from service providing to coaching in 2020, and in less than a year I scaled my business to 5-figures.

Now I'm sharing my strategies!

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"Just had a Clarity Call with @thebrandcoachshel. 

Whew! She's amazing guys, seriously."
- BbaggettDesignStudio